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I’ve been working in legal recruitment now for over 20 years, much longer than my career as a Solicitor, so I’ve started to think about what it is I love about what I do. Recruitment is challenging, especially in the current climate but, basically, I thrive on making a positive impact.

Passion for Helping Others

Recruitment is more than just filling positions; it’s about people and relationships. I thrive on helping individuals and nurturing long-term connections, some spanning over two decades. There is a deep satisfaction in empowering individuals to find their dream jobs.

Matchmaker with a Mission

My approach goes beyond evaluating CVs and qualifications. By having in depth discussions and asking the right questions, I aim to connect talented people with the perfect cultural fit, ensuring fulfilment goes beyond just the monthly salary.

Life-Changing Impact

Securing a new job isn’t just a title change or a salary increase. It’s about happiness, reduced stress, feeling valued, and belonging to a supportive team. Witnessing these transformations is incredibly rewarding for me.

Diverse Interactions

Every conversation is a unique journey. I get to connect with amazing people from all walks of life, backgrounds, and experiences. It’s a constant source of learning and inspiration. I love the connections I make on a daily basis.

Empathy Fueled by Experience

I understand the challenges of job hunting and the anxieties around making a change. Having been there myself allows me to empathise and guide candidates with genuine understanding. I know the anxieties of joining a new firm, a new team and the feeling of being stuck in a rut but I also know the feeling once you find your dream job.

My career in legal recruitment is driven by a passion for helping others, the mission to find the perfect fit. Running my own business gives me the freedom to prioritise my candidate’s needs. With over 20 years experience I provide expert advice and support. So if you’re feeling unsure about whether to make a move in your career then feel free to contact me for a chat, I’d be happy to help.

Claire Cox – Director
Bailey Hunter Ltd
0113 3185293/07786 224036

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