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Is It Time to Say Goodbye? Recognising the Signs You Need a New Job

Our careers are a huge part of our lives. They shape our daily routines, challenge us intellectually, and (ideally) bring us a sense of fulfilment. But what do you do when the job that once excited you now feels like a burden? How do you know when it’s time to move on and find a new opportunity?

Here are some signs that the resignation letter might be brewing:

The Sunday Scaries Are Relentless

Does the dread of the working week set in every Sunday night? This is a classic sign that something’s off. While an occasional  bad day is normal, chronic anxiety about work can indicate a deeper unhappiness.

You’re Stuck in a Rut

Are your days a monotonous blur of the same tasks? When you feel like you’ve mastered everything your role has to offer, and there’s no chance for growth or new challenges, it’s a sign you’ve plateaued.

The Company Culture Doesn’t Fit

A positive work environment can make a world of difference. If you feel like the odd one out, disrespected, or unsupported by your colleagues and managers, it’s tough to thrive.

The Money Isn’t Right (and It’s Not Getting Better)

Feeling undervalued financially can be massively demotivating. If your salary isn’t keeping pace with your skills and experience, and there’s no clear path to future raises or promotions, it might be time to explore what the market has to offer.

Your Health is Taking a Hit

Chronic stress, anxiety, or burnout are all warning signs that your job is impacting your well-being. If your work-life balance is way out of sync, it’s time to make a change for your mental and physical health.

But It’s Not All Just Red Flags

Before you start updating your CV, take a moment to consider the positive things about your current job. Do you have great colleagues, flexible hours hybrid working options or valuable benefits? Weighing these factors alongside the negatives will help you make an informed decision. Make a list of the positives and  negatives, and rate how important they are to you.


Have you talked to HR or your Manager to discuss opportunities to grow and expand your role? Have you had a performance appraisal or discussed potential salary increases? Is there an option to adjust your hours such as flexible working hours or hybrid working?

Taking the Next Step

If after considering all the above and you find yourself leaning towards seeking a new opportunity, start exploring! Update your CV and LinkedIn profile and don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a confidential chat on your options.

Claire is an ex-Solicitor with over 20 years experience in legal recruitment and works with many law firms across Yorkshire and the North East so has a good grasp on the legal job market.    

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